Electric two-wheeler maintenance: Follow these do’s and don’ts to make them live longer

Electric two-wheeler maintenance: Follow these do’s and don’ts to make them live longer

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 27 May 2024

The electric two-wheelers require much lesser periodic maintenance compared to traditional scooters and motorcycles. However, they demand as much care daily for a safe riding experience.

  • The battery of your electric two-wheeler is the component which requires the most amount of care and safety.
  • The maintenance costs of electric two-wheelers are lesser than conventional scooters and motorcycles due to fewer moving parts Improper care of an electric two-wheeler can lead to hazardous situations, which can be as gruesome as a fire breakout.

Given are some of the most important tricks and tips to maintain your electric two-wheelers. Follow them to ensure longer life, and more importantly, safer lifespan:

Taking proper care of the battery pack

Whether your electric two-wheeler has a removable battery pack or a fixed one, it is crucial to take care of it. The battery in an electric two-wheeler is its most expensive and sensitive component, and the recent examples of fires breaking out in electric two-wheelers due to negligence have shown the importance of proper care of the battery pack and its charging process. 

For this, it is advisable to avoid overcharging your electric two-wheeler’s battery and charge it only from the power outlets and supply recommended by the electric two-wheeler’s manufacturer.

Better to avoid overloading your electric two-wheeler

Like any conventional two-wheeler, an electric scooter or motorcycle also comes with a pre-engineered load-carrying limit mentioned in its owner’s manual or somewhere on the vehicle itself. It is better to ride only with a single pillion and not a third person on an electric two-wheeler, which can put unnecessary load on the electric two-wheeler. 

Or, more specifically, the sensitive combination of battery and electric motor. Overloading your scooter can put an additional strain on the performance of the battery and motor, thus deteriorating their life faster.

Turn off your electric two-wheeler while not riding it

In situations like halts during your commutes or at traffic signals, it is better to turn off the electric two-wheeler. If you do not do so and keep your electric scooter or motorcycle in the turned-on position, it can deplete the remaining charge in your battery faster than you think. 

The battery level can fall even while the electric two-wheeler is idle. So, to avoid wastage of the remaining charge and frequently charging your electric two-wheeler, turn it off when not in use.

Do not ride your electric two-wheeler when the battery level is too low

Every electric two-wheeler comes with a pre-set low battery level, below which its performance deliberately falls drastically. It happens in such a way as to keep the battery's health in optimal condition. If you keep riding your electric two-wheeler below those pre-set limits, or when the battery level is too low consistently, it will put an additional strain on the battery's health. 

To avoid unnecessary riding at low battery levels for a long, plan your day with a sufficient amount of charge remaining in your electric two-wheeler’s battery by charging it in advance.

Always keep your electric two-wheeler clean

The accumulation of dirt and dust on the components of an electric two-wheeler, such as its battery or motor, can result in a gradual reduction in the performance of those components. Unlike the mechanical parts of a conventional petrol-powered two-wheeler, those of an electric scooter or motorcycle are more sensitive towards environmental contaminants like dirt and dust. This can result in a drop in their performance. 

So, it is advisable to keep your electric two-wheeler and wash or clean it periodically, at least when lots of dirt and dust accumulate over it.

Maintain tyre pressure levels as recommended by the manufacturer

Not only in petrol-powered scooters or motorcycles, but even in electric two-wheelers, the performance, ride quality, handling and economy are dependent on the tyre pressure levels. Since electric two-wheelers are lighter than their petrol-powered counterparts, maintaining correct tyre pressure levels is even more significant to maintain stability and economy while riding. 

Check the tyre pressure levels of your electric two-wheeler at least once a week, and avoid riding it with low tyre pressure levels for long distances, as it can put unnecessary strain on the motor’s performance.

Park your electric two-wheeler at a cool and dry place

Parking your electric two-wheeler under direct sunlight or for a prolonged duration under heavy rainfall can be dangerous for your electric two-wheeler. We have seen many instances of batteries of electric two-wheelers blasting in case they are parked under direct sunlight for long hours. 

To keep your electric two-wheeler, especially its battery and other volatile components, safe and secured, park it under a shade or cover it with a body cover at a cool and dry place.

Keep the moving parts of your electric two-wheeler lubricated

Compared to a conventional scooter or motorcycle, an electric two-wheeler is equipped with much lesser moving components. However, there are still many moving components in an electric two-wheeler which are similar to the petrol scooters and motorcycles, such as suspension, brakes and drivetrain. To ensure that all those components perform smoothly and reduce frictional noises and make the electric two-wheeler’s operation smooth and vibration-free, it is advisable to lubricate those components during the scheduled service intervals.

Do not tamper with your electric two-wheeler’s battery yourself

We have said it above, and we say it again, for it requires too much care and safety – the battery of your electric two-wheeler is its most sensitive component. Only the trained service staff of your electric two-wheeler’s authorized service centre is trained to diagnose it in case something goes wrong. 

Since it is a volatile component which can cause dangerous consequences during the case of mishandling and improper care, avoid tampering with your electric two-wheeler’s battery by yourself. If you detect something wrong with it, get it rectified at the authorized service centre.

Avoid braking your electric two-wheeler abruptly

Much like in a conventional scooter or motorcycle, abrupt braking and harsh riding practices can cause unnecessary strain on the brakes of your electric two-wheeler while riding it aggressively. If the brakes are not applied appropriately, it wears out the brakes at a faster rate, which can result in premature replacement or reduced life span. 

To ensure that the brakes of your electric two-wheeler function optimally and offer you safe braking distances, apply them gently.