Honda Activa 6G: 5 Other Alternatives To Consider Instead

Honda Activa 6G: 5 Other Alternatives To Consider Instead

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 12 Oct 2023

The TVS Jupiter presents itself as a venerable rival to the 2023 Activa 6G

  • Hero’s latest scooter, the Xoom 110, is a fantastically priced scooter. 
  • The Honda Dio is a rival to the Activa 6G from Honda’s stable itself
  • The Hero Splendor is a good motorcycle alternative to the Activa 6G. 

Honda first introduced the Activa in India nearly two decades ago and it’s been quite a revolutionary scooter ever since. Especially over the past decade or so, the scooter has been selling like hotcakes and registering incredible sales figures month after month. And that has been mostly because of the way the scooter has registered its name as an extremely reliable and bulletproof scooter. But, there’s a caveat to it. 

Despite being India’s favorite scooter, Honda hasn’t really updated the Activa in any major way, save for the 2023 Activa 6G to some extent. The scooter is currently in its sixth generation and apart from some cosmetic and some mechanical changes, the scooter hasn’t really been tinkered with. And that has angered some prospective buyers. If you’re one of them and want your scooter to have more than just the bare basics, here are five other options for you: 

TVS Jupiter

SpecificationsTVS Jupiter
Engine109cc air-cooled engine
Maximum Power7.88PS
Maximum Torque8.8Nm

TVS Jupiter offers a variety of options for budget-conscious buyers. While it may not boast fancy features or exceptional performance, it provides a comfortable and smooth ride for your daily commute. If you're looking for a reliable scooter for you and your family, the TVS Jupiter is a great choice.

Honda Xoom 110


SpecificationsHero Xoom
Engine110.9cc engine
Maximum Power8PS 
Maximum Torque8.7Nm

If you're stuck between your parents insisting on the Honda Activa and your desire for a sportier ride like the TVS Ntorq 125, consider the Hero Xoom. It offers a sporty performance, youthful design, fuel efficiency, and an attractive price starting at Rs 68,599 (ex-showroom Delhi). The Hero Xoom makes for an excellent first-ride option.

Honda Dio

SpecificationsHonda Dio
Engine109.51cc air-cooled, single-cylinder
Maximum Power7.8PS
Maximum Torque9Nm

The Honda Dio is India’s OG sporty scooter and it remains so even today. While it isn’t as sporty as some of the more modern scooters in this list, it still is quite a hoot to ride around, especially in the city. And most importantly, it looks very good, a lot better than the current crop of scooters with their commuter-like styling. So if you’re looking for something that’ll help you stand out among the more conventional scooters your friends have, the Dio is a good option. 

And what’s good is that the extra sportiness on the Dio doesn’t really come at any compromises. It is, at the end of the day, built on the 2023 Honda Activa 6G’s platform and it shares the same 109.51cc air-cooled engine with it as well. So its reliability is definitely vouched for. And more importantly, the engine is quite frugal too. So while you are enjoying its sportiness, it won’t really come at the cost of it badly pinching your pockets thankfully. 

Suzuki Access 125

SpecificationsSuzuki Access 125
Engine124cc air-cooled engine
Maximum Power8.7PS
Maximum Torque10Nm

Is the extra cost of the latest updates for the Suzuki Access 125 worth it? While you won't find many new features for the additional Rs 6,500, this scooter offers improved speed, fuel efficiency, and ride quality. The Access 125 BS6 raises the bar set by its BS4 predecessor. If you want a scooter that excels in everyday use, the Access 125 is a top choice.

Hero Splendor Plus 

SpecificationsHero Splendor 
Engine97cc air-cooled engine
Maximum Power8.02PS
Maximum Torque8.05Nm

The Hero Splendor Plus has been a fixture in the Indian market for three decades. The new Splendor Plus Xtec takes it further by introducing features not found in most 110cc or 125cc motorcycles. Along with its agile handling and excellent fuel economy, the Hero Splendor remains competitive with its rivals.

And what works the best for the Hero Splendor (exactly like the 2023 Activa 6G), is its bulletproof reliability. The bike is built like a tank and not many things can really shake it up. That said, Hero hasn’t really rested on its laurels. In fact, it has given the Splendor its fair share of updates over the years, and with the Xtec, the bike gets a lot of features. So if features were something you missed on the Activa 6G, you will definitely like this Hero bike. 

And most importantly, the Splendor is an extremely frugal machine. During our test run, the Hero Splendor achieved remarkable mileage on the highway. In the city, it maintains an impressive 83.2 kmpl, making it one of the most fuel-efficient two-wheelers we've ever tested.

Hero MotoCorp hasn't sacrificed performance for these exceptional fuel efficiency figures. The 97.2cc sloper engine delivers peppy performance with sufficient low-end power to just make your daily commutes that much more interesting.