Is the Ola S1X Now A Promising Alternative To Honda Activa?

Is the Ola S1X Now A Promising Alternative To Honda Activa?

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 2 May 2024

On paper, the Ola S1X sounds a bit more promising and enticing than the rather dated-sounding Honda Activa 

  • Honda hasn’t really given the Activa a lot of updates over the years 
  • So in terms of outright features, the Ola S1X makes a mockery of the Activa 6G
  • That said, in terms of reliability, the Activa 6G is on a completely different level altogether

The newly revamped Ola S1X has significantly slashed its price, positioning it as a formidable contender against the long-reigning champion, the Honda Activa, renowned as India's top-selling scooter. But when it comes down to the wire, which of these two iconic models truly deserves your investment? Let's dissect the debate right here.

Styling & Attributes: 

Distinguishing itself within the S1 lineup, the Ola S1X Plus exudes a distinct charm with its sleek design, characterised by a more compact headlight cover that adds a touch of finesse. While sharing similarities with the standard S1 in its apron and side panels, the S1X Plus sets itself apart with features like a telescopic fork and sleek blacked-out steel wheels, enhancing its visual appeal. 

The allure of the Ola S1X Plus extends beyond aesthetics, boasting a plethora of cutting-edge features tailored for the modern rider. From versatile riding modes to practical additions like reverse mode and side stand alert, the S1X Plus caters to diverse preferences and safety needs. Its technologically advanced LCD instrument cluster integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth connectivity, offering navigation assistance and even cruise control for added convenience and comfort on the road.

With a nod to its lineage, the Honda Activa 6G presents a refined yet familiar aesthetic, seamlessly blending classic elements with modern enhancements. Noteworthy tweaks, reminiscent of the Activa 125, subtly elevate its visual appeal, particularly evident in its sleek tail section. While the inclusion of steel wheels maintains functionality, some may perceive it as basic, except for the H-Smart variant, which boasts sophisticated alloy wheels for an added touch of elegance.

Packed with practical features, the Activa 6G caters to the demands of contemporary riders. The ACG starter ensures a seamless and noise-free ignition, while conveniences like the engine kill switch, integrated pass switch, and optional LED headlight enhance overall usability. Inspired by its higher-end counterpart, the Activa 125, the external fuel cap simplifies refuelling, adding to the scooter's user-friendly design.

Motor & Range:

Specifications  Ola S1X Plus
Top Speed90kmph

Powering the Ola S1X Plus is a robust hub motor delivering impressive performance metrics, including a continuous power output of 2.7kW and a peak power of 6kW, enabling exhilarating rides with a top speed of 90kmph. The scooter's agility is further accentuated by its multiple riding modes, catering to various riding styles from eco-conscious commuting to spirited city cruising. With a swift acceleration from 0 to 60kmph in just 5.5 seconds, the S1X Plus ensures an exhilarating ride experience without compromising efficiency.

At the heart of the Honda Activa 6G lies a fuel-injected 109.51cc engine, delivering impressive performance metrics with an output of 7.79PS and 8.90Nm of torque. Real-world mileage figures further solidify its efficiency, with urban conditions yielding 59.9kmpl and highway journeys averaging 55.93kmpl, supported by a 5.3-litre fuel tank capacity. 

Despite a marginal decrease in performance compared to its predecessor, the Activa 5G, the 6G excels in refinement across all speed ranges, showcasing Honda's commitment to engineering excellence. Riders will appreciate the remarkably quiet operation of the new engine, with moments of near imperceptibility. Moreover, Honda's claim of a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency enhances the Activa 6G's appeal, emphasising its cost-effectiveness in the long run.


ModelOla S1X Honda Activa 6G
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 69,999 onwards Rs 76,234 onwards 

Ola Electric's strategic pricing approach positions the S1X lineup as an enticing proposition in the electric scooter segment. With configurations offering 2 kWh, 3 kWh, and 4 kWh battery options, the series kicks off at an attractive starting price of Rs 69,999 for the introductory 2 kWh variant. Catering to diverse needs and preferences, the 3kWh and 4kWh models are competitively priced at Rs 84,999 and Rs 99,999, respectively, making electric mobility more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Honda, on the other hand, has priced the Activa 6G from Rs 76,234. While it is quite sweet as well, it doesn’t come across as competitive as the Ola S1X. 


While the Ola S1X Plus presents an enticing package with its competitive pricing and feature-rich offerings, it falls short in terms of overall refinement and attention to detail. Despite its stylish exterior, concerns linger regarding the scooter's finishing and build quality, with noticeable irregularities in panel alignment detracting from its visual appeal. As riders seek longevity and reliability in their electric scooters, addressing these concerns will be crucial for Ola Electric to solidify its position in the burgeoning electric mobility market.

So if you want something that’s funky but that comes at the cost of slight reliability, the Ola S1X might be a good choice. But if you want that old school Japanese reliability, nothing beats the Honda Activa 6G.