Rs 1.50 lakh budget: Buy New Or Used Bike?

Rs 1.50 lakh budget: Buy New Or Used Bike?

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 24 Aug 2023

The KTM RC 390 is a very strong seller in the second hand market. 

  • New bikes on this list include the Yamaha R15S, the Classic 350 and the KTM 200 Duke. 
  • If you want a used one, you can choose from the Dominar 400 and the previous-gen RC 390.
  • Super sport, streetfighter and even a retro roadster, plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Are you standing on the precipice of finally fulfilling your dream of owning a bike with a budget of Rs 2 lakh? The decision between a brand-new ride or a more powerful used option can be daunting. To aid your choice, we've compiled a list of three new and two used bikes that fall within your budget, offering a range of options to suit your preferences.

New Yamaha R15S

SpecsYamaha R15 V3
Engine Capacity155cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled 4-valve DOHC engine equipped with VVA
Power 18.4PS @ 10,000rpm
Torque14.2Nm @ 8,500rpm
Gearbox6-speed transmission

The Yamaha R15S has been shaping young enthusiasts into skilled riders for over a decade. With its balance of usability, exhilarating performance, and cost-effectiveness, the R15S has undergone refinements in its fourth generation. These updates enhance its handling capabilities and overall riding experience. Despite a slightly higher price tag, the R15S remains a strong contender for beginners looking to master sport riding nuances.

Where the R15S lacks, is in terms of comfort and space. Its extremely compact dimensions mean that taller people will struggle to fit on it so if you’re ready to compromise on that, there’s nothing quite like the R15S in its segment. The bike is not only very very capable, but what really stands out is its extremely forgiving nature, meaning beginners can easily make mistakes and learn from them on it. 

Updated KTM 200 Duke

Specifications2023 KTM 200 Duke
Engine199.5cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum power25PS
Maximum torque19.3Nm

The KTM 200 Duke continues to capture hearts with its unapologetically spirited nature and high-performance standards, despite facing several price adjustments over the years. The upcoming addition of an LED headlight promises to elevate the bike's overall appeal and completeness. But thankfully, the transition to the BS6 phase hasn’t killed out the fun that the 200 Duke was always known for. 

Yes, the bike still is as rev-happy as ever and still complains when you’re at the lower half of the rev-range, but once you open the throttle, there’s nothing quite as exciting in this segment. The sheer way in which the buy builds up the revs means cruising at triple digit speeds is effortless. In fact, a 120kmph speed can be maintained all day long, something that’s unheard of in this segment. 

New Royal Enfield Classic 350

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Classic 350
Engine349cc air-cooled 2-valve SOHC
Maximum power20.2PS
Maximum torque27Nm

Royal Enfield's J-series Classic 350 marks a significant leap forward in terms of modernization and refinement. While retaining its characteristic easygoing, old-school British thumper vibe, this bike addresses past grievances and attracts a broader audience, including both traditionalists and newer riders. If you have a penchant for classic, laid-back motorcycles, visiting a Royal Enfield showroom for a test ride is strongly advised.

Used 2021 KTM RC 390 

SpecificationsKTM RC 390
Engine373cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum power43.5PS
Maximum torque37Nm

The allure of the previous-gen KTM RC 390 lies in its distinctive design, aggressive demeanor, and uncompromising power-first approach. At a price point of Rs 2.10 lakh, you're gaining access to a motorcycle with character and attitude that remains unmatched. If the notion of the R15 V4's power output falls short for you, the 2021 KTM RC 390 could be the thrilling ride you're seeking.

Used 2020 Bajaj Dominar 400

SpecificationsBajaj Dominar 400
Engine373cc liquid-cooled engine
Maximum power40PS
Maximum torque35Nm

Bajaj's latest iteration of the Dominar 400 has effectively addressed earlier concerns, positioning itself as a superior highway cruiser compared to its predecessor. For riders with a penchant for long journeys, the 2020 Dominar 400 strikes an ideal balance between comfort and speed.


In the world of two-wheelers under Rs 2 lakh, these options showcase a diversity of features and personalities, ensuring there's something for every rider's tastes. Whether you're seeking the thrill of a new machine or the unique charm of a used gem, this curated selection should guide you toward the perfect ride for your aspirations.

So eventually which one should you go for? As we said, that completely depends on the type of motorcycle you want. This list has it all, from modern super sports to aggressive streetfighters to even retro roadsters! So we would first ask you to narrow down on the kind of motorcycle that you want, post which you can decide on which one of these you should get.