Top 5 Tips To Sail Through The City Traffic Safely On Your Electric Scooter

Top 5 Tips To Sail Through The City Traffic Safely On Your Electric Scooter

Featured Stories by Team Drivio | 23 May 2023

  • Number one safety trick is following the traffic rules to the T. 
  • Wearing a helmet is of utmost importance as well. 
  • Keep checking your battery pack’s heat levels as well. 

Electric scooters aren't simply a fleeting fad; if you've seen them zooming around your city, you've probably concluded that they're here to stay. And, with good cause. 

Electric scooters are practical, environmentally friendly, and really enjoyable to ride. But before you take your first ride, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals, just as with any other mode of transportation. Consider the following article your go-to manual for learning how to ride an electric scooter if you've been itching to give one a try but are unsure of how to do so securely. 

  1. Obeying Traffic Laws Is A No-brainer

Riders of e-scooters must follow the same traffic laws as other drivers even though they only have two wheels instead of four. In more detail, this entails observing traffic regulations, being mindful of the posted speed limit, and giving way to pedestrians. 

  2. Stick To The Middle/Left-most Lane

It's best to use the bike lane whenever possible to travel with other people on two wheels. Bike lanes are becoming more popular among all types of riders as more and more metropolitan areas designate pathways for alternate modes of transportation. 

Bike lanes are frequently the safest (and, let's face it, most aesthetically pleasing) alternative for getting around the city, whether you commute every day or you just want to go for a joyride. 

  3. Helmets Are A MUST!

We understand that a large, cumbersome helmet mars an otherwise picture-perfect OOTD. But the reality remains that using an e-scooter while wearing a helmet can be one of the best strategies to avoid accidents when travelling. 

It's best to ride with a little extra protection because, unlike a car, there isn't an airbag to protect you in the event of a crash. Choose a trendy, high-quality helmet that doesn't take up much space so you can carry it around with you. 

  4. The Road Should Have All Your Attention!

We'll be the first to confess that cruising around on an e-scooter while blasting your favourite music is the epitome of carefree. 

Sadly, it's also rather risky. You can't always predict how other drivers will operate on the road, just like when operating any other mode of transportation. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to remain as vigilant as you can.

  5. Be Extra Careful On Downhills

Really, it all comes down to elementary physics. Since they are heavier than their analogue relatives by design, electric scooters accelerate more swiftly when going downhill (due to, you know, gravity). 

While you might be moving quickly but safely one minute, it doesn't take long to understand that you are moving at a much faster rate than is safe and that you are gaining speed by the second. Keep a tight grip on both handlebars and apply the brakes liberally but softly in circumstances like this. Avoid suddenly applying the brakes as this could cause your scooter to halt while you are still travelling through the air. Owch!

  6. Two Bars: Two Hands

Handholds on handlebars are there for a very good purpose. With two handles, the driver is able to maintain far more control than they would if they were only using one hand to steer. 

People choose to ride with one hand for a variety of reasons, including the desire to handle an electronic device with their other hand. Others believe that using one hand to operate the scooter gives them a carefree and relaxed appearance. Possibly a little risky, but in a good way. 

However, it also makes it much harder to maintain control when you run into a pothole out of the blue or when an irate motorist thinks that red lights don't apply to them, forcing you to swerve out of the way just in time.  

  7. No Triples!

It's simple to believe that e-scooters are designed for two given all the additional space to stand on. We acknowledge that this might be a cheap—and even romantic—way to travel, but it's also risky. 

It needs balance to operate an e-scooter, and it only takes one person to lose their balance to cause instability and serious injury. 

Some Of The Best Electric Scooters In India At The Moment

Ather 450XIn India, Ather Energy has long been the industry leader in electric two-wheelers. 
The 450 offered us our first taste of what a high-end electric two-wheeler is like.
Bajaj ChetakBajaj returned to the scooter market with its first electric model, the Chetak, after almost a decade of absence. 
The design is elegant, especially in light of the fact that the body is made entirely of metal. 
TVS iQubeWith the iQube Electric, TVS kept things straightforward. 
At the 2010 Auto Expo, the scooter was initially displayed as a hybrid concept. The scooter's performance is commendable considering its top speed of 78kmph.