Ather Scooter To Go Transparent: New 450X Series 2 Scooter Revealed with See-Through Styling

Ather Scooter To Go Transparent: New 450X Series 2 Scooter Revealed with See-Through Styling

News by Team Drivio | 14 Nov 2023

Ather 450X to get a distinctive design update

  • Ather Energy seems to be developing a Series 2 version of its 450X electric scooter with see-through panels.
  • If launched, it would be the first Indian electric scooter to feature transparent bodywork in a unique design twist.
  • Spy shots indicate the panels will be featured on the front apron, sides, and below the seat.

Ather Energy looks set to introduce a new Series 2 variant of its popular 450X electric scooter. Spy shots reveal the addition of transparent body panels in a segment's first design move. Here are the details on the distinctive look heading for Ather's flagship.

The rapidly growing EV maker has managed to garner attention with the striking real-world performance and innovative features of its 450 series electric scooters. However, leaked images indicate Ather is preparing to take things up a notch with see-through bodywork on the 450X.

What the spy shots reveal

Recent spy shots confirm that transparent paneling will be incorporated on the sides, front apron, and below the seat of the Ather 450X. The unique addition seems to be inspired by high-end sports cars that use see-through panels to showcase mechanical components.

While the 450X doesn't feature complex mechanical bits, the clear panels will offer a glimpse of the inner structure and wiring. More importantly, it adds a touch of futuristic styling that sets the electric scooter apart.

When will it launch

Ather is yet to officially confirm that a Series 2 variant of the 450X is in the works. However, with spy shots leaking online, an announcement could be around the corner. The EV maker is expected to take the wraps off the updated 450X with see-through panels within the next few months.

Ather 450X Specs
Motor6kWh ubmotor
Battery2.9kWh lithium-ion
Charging Time5hrs 45 min

With distinctive transparent body panels not seen before on an Indian two-wheeler, the Ather Series 2 450X promises to up the desirability quotient for the popular electric scooter range. It offers a futuristic styling twist while retaining the performance and features of the existing model.

What else to expect

Apart from the addition of transparent bodywork, no other external changes are visible on the scooter. The Series 2 variant is likely to retain the capable performance specs of Ather's existing 450X model. 

This means expect similar power and torque figures from the permanent magnet synchronous motor paired with a robust battery pack. Features like onboard navigation and Bluetooth connectivity will likely also make their way to the new variant.