Gogoro Pulse Unveiled: New Electric Scooter Sets Performance Benchmark

Gogoro Pulse Unveiled: New Electric Scooter Sets Performance Benchmark

News by Team Drivio | 1 Feb 2024

Gogoro, a leading electric scooter company, has unveiled its most advanced model yet - the Pulse electric scooter.

  • Features futuristic aerodynamic styling and advanced technology
  • Powerful electric drivetrain delivers rapid acceleration
  • Seamless connectivity and integration with Apple devices

With its sleek aerodynamic design, advanced technology features and high performance electric drivetrain, the Pulse aims to set a new standard in the electric two-wheeler segment.

Acceleration (0-50 km/h)3.05 seconds
Max Power Output9.0 kW
Max RPM11,000 RPM
Torque (at Rear Wheel)378 Nm

Cutting-Edge Design

The Pulse features Gogoro's new AeroForce design language with optimized aerodynamics to improve efficiency and cooling. It has a striking futuristic styling with integrated body panels and minimalist lines. Gogoro states this is their most aerodynamic scooter ever.

Powerful Drivetrain

At the heart of the Pulse is Gogoro’s new HyperDrive powertrain, with a high-output H1 electric motor capable of 9kW power and 378Nm torque. This delivers blistering acceleration of 0-50kph in 3.05 seconds. The HyperDrive has an intelligent traction control system and a hybrid water and air cooling system for optimized performance.

Advanced Technology

The Pulse introduces several new technology innovations for Gogoro. It has a 10.25-inch panoramic touchscreen display with an immersive user interface. It is also the first two-wheeler worldwide to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon digital chassis.

For safety, the Pulse features a first-of-its-kind active matrix LED lighting system. It has 13 independent LED units that adapt the headlight beam pattern to speed, ambient conditions and turns.

Seamless Connectivity

The Pulse offers seamless integration with Apple devices, including Apple Wallet for keyless unlock and start, and Apple Find My to locate the parked scooter. This allows for an intuitive and connected riding experience.


The Gogoro Pulse will launch first in Taiwan in Q2 2024, with other markets to follow. With its striking looks, strong performance and smart features, the Pulse promises to be Gogoro’s most advanced electric scooter yet. It reiterates the company's commitment to innovation and leadership in sustainable urban transportation.