Hero Relaunches The Passion Plus At A Hefty Price Tag

Hero Relaunches The Passion Plus At A Hefty Price Tag

News by Team Drivio | 10 Jun 2023

The launch happens after the Passion Plus’ nearly three-year long hiatus. 

  • Hero has priced the new Passion Plus at Rs 76,301. 
  • Its price tag means it slots between the Splendor Plus and the Splendor Plus Xtec. 
  • The Passion Plus’ design has remained unchanged. 

The Hero Passion Plus has quietly made its return to the Indian market, almost a month after it was first spotted. Here's a comprehensive rundown of what you should know about this motorcycle.

Priced at Rs 76,301 (ex-showroom Delhi), the Passion Plus falls between the Splendor Plus (starting at Rs 73,481) and the Splendor Plus Xtec (priced at Rs 78,251). Its primary competitors include the Honda Shine 100 (Rs 64,900 ESR Delhi) and the Bajaj Platina 100 (Rs 67,808 ESR Delhi).

In terms of features, the Passion Plus boasts a semi-digital console with a tripmeter, odometer, and a fuel gauge accompanied by tell-tale lights on the left side. Unlike its predecessors, this model offers some additional conveniences. It includes a side-stand indicator, a mobile charging port, and a lockable utility case on the right side. 

The placement of the charging port on the left switchgear is particularly notable for its convenience. Additionally, the Passion Plus incorporates Hero's i3s start/stop technology into its engine.

SpecificationsHero Passion Plus
Engine97cc air-cooled engine
Maximum power8.02PS
Maximum torque8.05Nm

Considering its price tag of Rs 76,031 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Passion Plus is not considered inexpensive. Particularly when compared to its competitive counterparts such as the Honda Shine 100 and the Bajaj Platina 100, both of which are more competitively priced.

If budget is a constraint, the HF Deluxe and HF 100 may be more sensible commuter options. However, for those willing to spend this amount, the Splendor Plus Xtec offers a plethora of new features at a premium of less than Rs 2,000.