Hero Vida V1 Plus Electric Scooter Launched At Rs 1.15 Lakh

Hero Vida V1 Plus Electric Scooter Launched At Rs 1.15 Lakh

News by Team Drivio | 1 Mar 2024

Hero MotoCorp has strategically re-launched the more affordable Vida V1 Plus electric scooter to accelerate EV adoption in India's price-conscious market.

  • Priced at Rs. 1.15 lakh (with subsidy), the V1 Plus costs Rs. 30,000 less than the top-spec Vida V1 Pro.
  • Packs premium features like 7-inch dashboard and 80km/h top speed despite the lower price tag.
  • Additional state subsidies can further reduce effective price below Rs. 1 lakh in some regions.

The competitive pricing and high feature set pit the V1 Plus strongly against rivals like Ather 450X, TVS iQube and Ola S1 Pro. Industry analysts believe the value positioning has potential for high sales volumes as Hero looks to electrify two-wheelers in India

Comparison of Vida V1 Plus & Vida V1 Pro

SpecsVida V1 PlusVida V1 Pro
Max Speed80 km/h80 km/h
Range (IDC)100 km110 km
Top Speed80 km/h80 km/h
Battery Capacity3.44 kWh3.94 kWh
Charging Time5 hours5.5 hours
Motor Power6 kW6 kW
ConnectivityBluetooth, 4GBluetooth, 4G

V1 Plus Packs Premium Features at Competitive Price

The Vida V1 Plus packs several premium features seen in the top-spec Vida V1 Pro, including 7-inch touchscreen dashboard and max speed of 80km/h, but costs Rs. 30,000 less. Additional state subsidies can further reduce the effective price to under Rs. 1 lakh in Delhi. The competitive pricing pits the V1 Plus against rivals like Ather 450X and Ola S1 series.

Minor Downgrades Balance Value and Performance

To achieve the lower price point, Hero has made certain downgrades over the V1 Pro. The V1 Plus has a slightly smaller 3.44kWh battery with 100km range per charge, compared to 110km range from the 3.94kWh battery in the V1 Pro. It also lacks the 0.2 seconds advantage in 0-40km/h acceleration that the V1 Pro offers with the same 6kW motor. However, the minor downgrades are unlikely to be dealbreakers for most urban commuters.

V1 Plus to Spearhead Wider Adoption of EVs

The re-launch of the value-focused Vida V1 Plus appears timed to drive mass adoption of electric two-wheelers. With EVs gaining popularity and government incentives making them affordable, Hero seems determined to lead the transition to electric mobility. The pricing strategy could hit the sweet spot for both performance and value in the price-sensitive Indian market.