Honda Activa 125 Now Comes With More Tech In The Form Of Keyless Entry

Honda Activa 125 Now Comes With More Tech In The Form Of Keyless Entry

News by Team Drivio | 23 Mar 2023

The Honda Activa 125 can now be turned on simply by being within two metres of the scooter! Learn more about all of the technology available here:

  • The Activa 125’s 123.97cc mill makes 8.29PS and 10.3Nm.
  • ‘Smart Find’ will also help you locate your scooter in a parking lot if you’we within 10 metres of it. 
  • It’s also all set to get smartphone connectivity some time in the future. 

The Honda Activa 125 is about to become smarter; not in terms of Bluetooth connectivity, but of a smart key. According to a leak on Honda's website, the Activa 125 will follow in the footsteps of its smaller sibling and become a 'Smartiva,' as Honda puts it. This keyfob has the following features:

Honda Activa 125: Features

Smart FindIf you are within 10 metres of the scooter, all four indicators will flash, indicating the vehicle's location.
Smart UnlockYou can lock and unlock the scooter's handle, as well as the fuel lid and seat, if you're within two metres of it.
Smart SafeYou can turn on your scooter by simply being within two metres of it. If the distance increases, the scooter will automatically lock. However, you can disable this feature by holding down the button for three seconds.
Smart StartTurning the knob and pressing the start button will now turn on the Activa 6G.

Honda Activa 125: Price

Honda may paint the H-Smart variant in new colours to differentiate it from the standard variants. This variant could be released within a week, with a Rs 3,000 premium over the disc variant, which is currently available for Rs 84,916. (ex-showroom Delhi). It will compete with models such as the TVS Jupiter 125, Yamaha Fascino 125, and Suzuki Access 125.