Honda Activa 6G Loses The 6G Name

Honda Activa 6G Loses The 6G Name

News by Team Drivio | 11 May 2023

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India officially hasn’t given out any statement for the 6G name drop. 

  • This should hopefully help Honda differentiate the Activa models better. 
  • Its 109.51cc engine makes 7.79PS and 8.79Nm. 
  • There’s a telescopic fork at the front and dual shocks at the rear. 

Honda's Activa scooter no longer bears the "G" suffix; instead, the 110cc model is simply referred to as "Activa," while the 125cc model is referred to as "Activa." It's not just a scooter, the Honda Activa, it’s an attitude. See, over the past 20 years, it has not only altered how the Indian family perceived scooters, but it has also made it possible for all family members to commute in comfort.

Honda introduced the 'G' suffix on their scooters with the release of the Activa 3G in 2015. This update was significant since the Activa's engine was increased to 109cc, which is the size it is today. The Activa received its next significant update in early 2020, the 6G, which added fuel injection.

With the exception of these, the Activa has mainly experienced aesthetic upgrades, with the 5G version receiving a digital inset in its speedometer (which was oddly removed with the 6G update). Despite this, the same engine scarcely justifies a "G" suffix (because the word itself often signifies a generational update). We assume Honda has also come to this realisation. 

Accordingly, future iterations of the Honda Activa will be given model-year-specific names, which we think will make it simpler to categorise. Additionally, it protects the 'Activa' model name, which has a strong brand recall and has been around for 20 years.

The moniker 'Activa Electric' will likely also be used for Honda's next electric scooter, which will, in our opinion, help to further popularise the name. 

Honda Activa 6 Variants & Price

Variants  Price (Ex-showroom Delhi)
StandardRs 75,347
DeluxeRs 77,848
VariantRs 81,348