January 2024 Bike And Scooter Sales Revealed

January 2024 Bike And Scooter Sales Revealed

News by Team Drivio | 22 Feb 2024

The two-wheeler market in India experienced a steady upward trajectory in January 2024

  • Overall sales reached an impressive 10,29,775 units
  • A significant 24.12 percent year-over-year increase from the 8,29,641 units sold in January 2023
  • This surge in volume amounted to 2,00,134 additional units

Demonstrating the strength of the segment and the continued demand for convenient and efficient transportation options, the Indian two-wheeler industry kicked off the year on a high note. Here are the top two-wheelers with huge demand in the month of January 2024. 

Year On Year (YoY) Report: Jan 2023 & Jan 2024

Sr. No. ModelJanuary 2024 SalesJanuary 2023 SalesYear-on-Year (YoY) Change
1Hero Splendor2,55,1222,61,833-2.56%
2Honda Activa1,73,7601,33,001+33.66%
3Honda Shine1,45,25299,878+45.43%
4Bajaj Pulsar1,28,88384,279+52.92%
5Hero HF Deluxe78,76747,840+64.65%
6TVS Jupiter74,22554,484+36.23%
7Suzuki Access55,38645,497+21.74%
8TVS Raider43,33127,233+59.11%
9TVS XL42,03636,723+14.47%
10Bajaj Platina33,01341,873-21.16%

Hero Splendor Holds on to the Top Spot, Activa Closes the Gap

Despite a 2.56 percent decline in sales compared to January 2023, the Hero Splendor managed to retain its numeruno position as the segment leader, selling an impressive 2,55,122 units in January 2024.

However, the Honda Activa, known for its versatility and convenience, made significant strides, securing the second spot with 1,73,760 units sold. This impressive 33.66 percent year-over-year growth propelled the Activa to command a substantial 16.87 percent share among the top ten two-wheelers.

Month On Month (MoM) Report: Dec 2023 & Jan 2024

Sr. NoModelDecember 2023 SalesJanuary 2024 SalesMonth-over-Month Change
1Hero Splendor2,48,7622,55,122+2.56%
2Honda Ac5tiva1,65,4821,73,760+5.00%
3Honda Shine1,37,6281,45,252+5.54%
4Bajaj Pulsar1,21,7541,28,883+5.83%
5Hero HF Deluxe72,89578,767+8.06%
6TVS Jupiter69,12274,225+7.34%
7Suzuki Access51,18455,386+8.22%
8TVS Raider39,27643,331+10.32%
9TVS XL38,75242,036+8.51%
10Bajaj Platina35,82233,013-7.85%

 Honda Shine Shines Bright, Bajaj Pulsar Races Ahead

The Honda Shine, with its impressive performance and reliability, emerged as a standout performer, showcasing a remarkable 45.43 percent year-over-year growth. Selling 1,45,252 units in January 2024, the Shine surpassed its previous year's figure of 99,878 units, solidifying its position in the 3rd spot. 

Meanwhile, the Bajaj Pulsar, known for its sporty appeal and performance, also witnessed a significant surge, with sales soaring by 52.92 percent year-over-year. Crossing the 1 lakh unit mark with 1,28,883 units sold in January 2024, the Pulsar secured the 4th position and commanded a 12.52 percent market share.

Beyond the top performers, several other models contributed to the overall growth of the two-wheeler segment. The Hero HF Deluxe and TVS Jupiter experienced substantial increases, while the Suzuki Access, TVS Raider, and TVS XL also made noteworthy contributions. However, the Bajaj Platina faced a 21.16 percent year-over-year decline in sales.

As the Indian two-wheeler market continues to evolve, manufacturers are keeping customers engaged and excited with a slew of upcoming launches. Bajaj, in particular, is poised to capture even more market share with the highly anticipated launch of the 2024 Pulsar NS200, fueling consumer anticipation and driving the industry forward.