The Upcoming Honda E-scooter Will Feature A Motor That’s Mounted On The Swingarm

The Upcoming Honda E-scooter Will Feature A Motor That’s Mounted On The Swingarm

News by Team Drivio | Mar 22, 2023

Honda’s patented drawings are doing the rounds on the internet which reveal details about the brand’s electric scooter.

  • The battery on the upcoming e-scoot will likely be fixed units. 
  • Such a construction should make maintenance and removal of the wheel easier. 
  • The upcoming scooter will go alongside the Activa Electric.

Honda appears to be working on something interesting in its own backyard. The Honda Activa Electric, the company's first electric scooter, is expected to be released in 2024. Honda appears to be aiming for perfection, as a patent for its new electric motor layout has surfaced online.

The swingarm, as seen, extends into an arc-like structure with mounting points for the electric motor around its circumference. The motor is located inside the arc, and its shaft is connected to the wheel. The difference here is that the motor is located next to the wheel rather than within it, as in the Hero Vida V1. The hub motor, on the other hand, is housed within the wheel. The issue with hub motors is that many local mechanics and tyre puncture shops refuse to work on them because they are difficult to remove in the event of a puncture.

In such cases, a motor construction similar to the one described in Honda's patent will aid in the removal and maintenance of the wheel. Repairs are less expensive this way, and they can also be performed by inexperienced mechanics.

Another important feature is that the e-scooter has a floorboard-mounted battery pack. It's unlikely to be a removable unit because it's not located under the seat. This, however, contrasts with Honda's initiative to partner with Hindustan Petroleum to establish swap stations across the country. With this in mind, it's possible that Honda is developing a number of electric scooters, some with fixed battery packs and others with removable battery packs. More about Honda's EV plans will be revealed in greater detail on March 29, 2023.