TVS Bikes And Scooters To Get Camera-based Helmet Prompt For Riders

TVS Bikes And Scooters To Get Camera-based Helmet Prompt For Riders

News by Team Drivio | 20 May 2023

The unique safety idea will benefit the riders in terms of safety on the move, especially the ones with performance bikes.

  • The commendable initiative has been taken to make riding a safer experience
  • Things can go wrong easily in a dynamic environment like ours
  • This will ensure riders wear helmets all the time. 

Two-wheelers are often at the centre of the discussion when it comes to road safety, particularly in a nation like India, where riding gear awareness could be improved more. Vinay Harne, president of new product development at TVS, spoke at a recent event on ‘What the industry is doing to improve road safety for two-wheeler users in India’.

The conclave's most intriguing finding was that TVS is developing camera-based technologies to determine whether a rider is wearing a helmet or not. A notification will show up on the digital display to advise the rider to wear a helmet, if they are discovered to be riding without one. Harne continued by saying that the system is already being developed on a variety of models and will go live soon.

Cameras can now use artificial intelligence to determine if a cyclist is wearing a helmet or not. Recently, traffic cameras using AI went into service in Kerala. In this state, wearing a helmet is required for both the rider and the pillion, and anyone seen without one will be issued a challan by the cameras. A camera installed in the dashboard will be able to be used by TVS' system to automatically determine whether or not a helmet is there. This system is likely to work on a similar principle.

TVS is eager to lead the way in other rider safety technologies as well, such as sophisticated rider aid systems, early warning systems, and autonomous braking systems for two-wheelers, according to Harne. "These will come in the pipeline one by one, and we will be ahead in implementing most of these in the market," the speaker continued.