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YoBykesTo Launch New High-Speed Electric Scooter:Expansion Plans Revealed

YoBykesTo Launch New High-Speed Electric Scooter:Expansion Plans Revealed

News by Team Drivio | Aug 29, 2023

YoBykes, which currently sells two entry-level low-speed electric scooters, will multiply its lineup with new high-speed electric scooters in the coming months. 

  • YoBykes currently has two low-speed scooters in its lineup – Drift and Edge
  • The new high-speed models will be developed at the company’s new R&D facility in Ahmedabad.
  • The new models will include an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle. 

 One of the early movers in the Indian EV industry, YoBykes has announced its plans for expansions. The Ahmedabad-based brand, which currently sells low-speed electric scooters, will be introducing two new high-speed models – a scooter and a motorcycle – in the coming months.

As per the announcement, YoBykes has set up a new in-house research and development facility in Ahmedabad, which will be working on the new high-speed models. Both the proposed models will have distinctively different bodywork, but are expected to share their powertrain setup, thus having the same battery and motor. Compared to the current models, both the high-speed scooter and motorcycle are expected to have a top speed of 65-80 kmph and a range of 80-100 km.

With these new models, YoBykes is targeting budget-oriented customers, who want the affordability of an electric two-wheeler without compromising on a decent performance. While the new YoBykes high-speed scooter will aim at the likes of Okinawa Praise Pro, Ampere Magnus EX and Ola S1 X, the new high-speed motorcycle will compete with entry-level e-bikes like Oben Rorr and Revolt RV400.

YoBykes currently has a decently-sized presence in the country with 175 outlets, which sells two low-speed scooters from the brand – Drift and Edge. Both these scooters have a top speed of 25 kmph and a maximum riding range of 60 km, making them suitable for short-distance commutes. With a 250W electric motor, the scooters claim to have a charging time of 4-5 hours.