2023 Honda Dio H-Smart Review: Sporty Meets Smart!

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart Review: Sporty Meets Smart!

Reviews by Team Drivio | Jun 27, 2023

With the H-Smart feature, you unlock a whole lot of keyless features. 

  • After the Activa 6G and the Activa 125, the Honda Dio got the H-Smart treatment now. 
  • Prices for the scooter begin from Rs 70,211, ex-showroom Delhi. 
  • Its design though, hasn’t really been tinkered with, a whole lot. 

Motorcyclesoften garner the attention of urban youth, especially those seeking speed and aggression. However, prospective has changed, now many desire an automatic scooter upon turning 18. Besides them, due to being hassle-free, it is also the first choice for a vast number of individuals in the country. 

Despite being considered as the underdogs in the two-wheeler market, scooters remain highly sought after by various buyers, ranging from college students to individuals of all age groups and genders. Undoubtedly, the Honda Activa stands as the unrivalled ruler of the scooter domain in India. And now with its tech-loaded variant, here’s how the Dio H-Smart performs in the real world: 

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart: Design & Features

The latest iteration of the scooter retains its familiar design language, featuring sharply creased body panels and a prominent headlight mounted on the apron. While the overall design remains similar, subtle changes have been implemented to give the scooter a sharper and more refined appearance. 

The introduction of new colour options adds a refreshing touch to its aesthetics, and the contrasting colours between the body panels and wheels create an appealing visual effect.

In terms of features, the scooter inherits several elements from the Honda Activa 6G, including a silent starter, tumble flow technology, and friction reduction technology. Additionally, it offers convenient additions such as an external fuel filler cap, a side-stand indicator with an engine cut-off function, and an extra storage front pocket. 

The redesigned, fully digital instrument cluster provides real-time and average mileage information, alongside the standard array of data. Notably, the H-Smart variant of the scooter incorporates various keyless features, similar to the Activa 6G H-Smart: Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Find and Smart Safe, all of which contribute in keeping the scooter a bit safer and easier to operate without the need of a key. 

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart: Engine

SpecificationsHonda Dio
Engine109.51cc air-cooled, single-cylinder
Maximum power7.8PS
Maximum Torque9Nm

Sharing the engine with its counterpart, the Honda Activa 6G, the Dio features a slightly distinct tuning. Equipped with a 109.51cc air-cooled, BS6.2-compliant motor, it delivers a power output of 7.76PS at 8000rpm and a torque of 9Nm at 4750rpm. Similarly, the Dio H-Smart variant also employs the same engine configuration, ensuring OBD2 and BS6.2 compliance.

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsHonda Dio
Front suspensionTelescopic fork
Rear suspension3-step Preload-adjustable monoshock
Front tyre90/90-12
Rear tyres90/100-10
Front brake130mm Drum
Rear brake130mm Drum

The Dio showcases larger 12-inch steel wheels in the front, accompanied by a standard telescopic fork to ensure a smooth ride. In the rear, it utilizes a three-step preload-adjustable monoshock and a 10-inch wheel. The scooter is equipped with 130mm drum brakes featuring CBS (Combined Braking System) for effective braking performance. Notably, the Sports edition is fitted with alloy wheels, while the H-Smart variant also receives the added benefit of alloy wheels.

Honda has chosen a family-friendly approach for the Dio. The scooter boasts a plush suspension system that adeptly absorbs the majority of the bumps encountered on our less-than-ideal roads. Although exceptionally harsh bumps may occasionally transfer some impact to the rider's back, the overall riding experience remains pleasant for the most part.

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart: Dimensions

DimensionsHonda Dio
Ground clearance160mm
Kerb weight105kg
Fuel tank capacity5.3-litres
Seat height765mm

The Honda Dio feels every bit light and sporty as it looks. In fact, its appeal hasn’t really changed over the years. It still remains a delightfully sporty and agile scooter, especially to commute on. 

2023 Honda Dio H-Smart: Price

ScooterPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Honda DioRs 70,211 onwards 

The Honda Dio is available in different versions with varying price points. The Standard version, which is not OBD2-compliant, is priced at Rs 68,352, while the OBD2-compliant model is slightly higher at Rs 70,211. The Deluxe variant, in its non OBD2-compliant form, retails at Rs 72,626, whereas the OBD2-compliant model is priced at Rs 74,212. 

For those seeking a more youthful appeal, the Sports edition is available at Rs 68,852 for the standard variant and Rs 74,353 for the deluxe variant. As for the range-topping Dio H-Smart, it comes with a price tag of Rs 77,712. All prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices in Delhi.


Honda has implemented several modifications to the Dio, aiming to enhance its appeal among its existing user base. Notably, they have introduced an optional full matte grey paint scheme, a popular choice among college students who often customize their Dios. 

It is safe to say that the current iteration of the Dio stands out as one of the most practical scooters available in the Indian market, boasting an aesthetically pleasing design that surpasses its counterparts.