2024 Jawa Perak Review: Smoother But Still Impractical

2024 Jawa Perak Review: Smoother But Still Impractical

Reviews by Team Drivio | 29 Apr 2024

In terms of looks, the 2024 Jawa Perak still has that old-school bobber look

  • The Perak is still powered by the 334cc liquid cooled engines from Yezdi bikes
  • It makes 30.64PS and 32.74Nm, mated to a 6-speed gearbox
  • Suspension includes a telescopic fork at the front and dual shock absorbers at the rear

Having previously experienced the Jawa Perak, we found ourselves enamoured by its nostalgic appearance and authentic old-school bobber feel. However, practicality posed a significant concern, with limited storage space and discomfort from the suspension, rendering it unsuitable as a standalone garage companion. Now, with the advent of the 2024 Jawa Perak, has the brand addressed these pressing issues? Let's delve into our firsthand exploration to uncover the answers.

2024 Jawa Perak: Design & Features

The Jawa Perak stands out with its distinctive bobber-inspired design, offering a unique blend of retro aesthetics and modern innovation. One of its standout features is the cantilevered seat, bolted to the main frame with a rugged metal sheet, adding a touch of sophistication to the bike's overall appearance. 

The tan-coloured seat contrasts elegantly with the matte black body and gold pinstriping, creating a visually striking ensemble. Additionally, the Perak boasts slim slash-cut exhaust pipes and wide triangular side panels, lending it a futuristic, almost alien-like presence on the road.

While the Perak's design is undeniably eye-catching, there are some areas where improvement is needed. Despite higher finish levels compared to other Jawa models, issues like moisture trapping in the speedometer and uneven gaps in the exhaust heat shield persist. Exposed cables for the rear indicators, held in place by roughly cut zip ties, and occasional loose bolts also detract from the overall polish of the design. Nonetheless, the Perak's aesthetic appeal remains undeniable, making it a standout choice for riders seeking a distinctively stylish ride.

2024 Jawa Perak: Engine

Specifications2024 Jawa Perak
Engine334cc engine
Maximum Power30.64PS
Maximum Torque32.74Nm

Powering the Jawa Perak is a robust liquid-cooled 334cc engine, a step up from the standard Jawa models. With four additional horsepower and five-newton meters of torque, this engine delivers spirited performance that's capable of handling higher speeds with ease. 

The engine retains the signature thrummy exhaust sound synonymous with Jawa motorcycles, accompanied by a flat power delivery that offers a noticeable surge as the revs climb. While mild vibrations may be felt at higher speeds, the Perak's engine excels in providing a thrilling and responsive ride experience, ideal for shorter distances and occasional bursts of speed.

2024 Jawa Perak: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

Specifications2024 Jawa Perak
Front suspensionTelescopic Fork
Rear suspensionDual Shock Absorbers
Front tyre18-inch Spoke Wheels
Rear tyre17-inch Spoke Wheels
Front brakeDisc Brake
Rear brakeDisc Brake

While the Jawa Perak's design exudes style, it comes with some trade-offs in terms of comfort and practicality. The cramped riding position, exacerbated by rear-set foot pegs and a low-slung seat, can lead to discomfort on longer rides. Additionally, the reduced suspension travel and ground clearance contribute to a punishing ride quality, particularly on bumpy roads and sharp speed breakers. Despite these drawbacks, the Perak remains agile and nimble, thanks to its lightweight construction and wider tyres, offering satisfactory handling and manoeuvrability.

2024 Jawa Perak: Dimensions

Dimensions2024 Jawa Perak
Ground clearance165mm
Kerb weight175kg
Fuel tank capacity14-litres
Seat height750mm

Despite its weight of 175kg, the Jawa Perak feels surprisingly light and agile on the road, aided by its stretched wheelbase and wider tyres. However, the extended wheelbase compromises the bike's lean angle, limiting its manoeuvrability in left-hand turns. Heavier riders may experience compression of the rear shock, leading to scraping of the exhaust in corners. Despite these limitations, the Perak offers decent braking performance and satisfactory handling, making it a capable companion for urban commutes and occasional rides.

2024 Jawa Perak: Price

Price2024 Jawa Perak
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 2,13,187 onwards

Priced at Rs 2,13,187 (ex-showroom New Delhi), the Jawa Perak offers a unique proposition for riders seeking a distinctive custom-style motorcycle. And that means it is priced quite similarly to its more modern sibling, the Jawa 42 Bobber. What the 42 Bobber has over the Perak are alloy wheels, meaning it has tubeless tyres, which makes dealing with punctures so much easier. 


Now while the Perak may not be the most practical choice for long tours or daily commuting, its uncompromised approach to design and performance sets it apart from the crowd. With standard dual-channel ABS and a 2-year/24,000-kilometer warranty, the Perak offers peace of mind and reliability for riders seeking a standout ride experience. However, potential buyers should consider the Perak's limited storage space and sparse feature set, weighing them against its undeniable allure and attention-grabbing presence on the road.