Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Review: Good Bike Made Better!

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Review: Good Bike Made Better!

Reviews by Team Drivio | 30 Sep 2023

The Bullet 350 sits below the Hunter 350 in Royal Enfield’s lineup

The success of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 can be attributed to its unique ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Its teardrop-shaped fuel tank, vintage-style bodywork, and classic finishes contribute to its distinct charm, setting it apart in the competitive motorcycle market.

In an age of rapid innovation, Royal Enfield's commitment to maintaining the Bullet 350's visual identity prompts consideration. Does this commitment make sense in a world of modernization? Or does the Bullet 350 feel slightly outdated? Let's explore:

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350: Design & Features

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has maintained its classic design across generations, offering riders a comfortable posture. Its timeless look brings nostalgia for old-school British motorcycles, appealing to vintage enthusiasts.

The bike's retro charm is accentuated by a round headlight enclosed in gleaming chrome, reminiscent of the past. The iconic "tiger lamps," hand-painted pinstripes on the fuel tank, and a contoured single-piece seat add to its allure. A sturdy metal grab handle and a prominent long chrome exhaust complete its classic appeal.

That said, if someone’s looking for anything even remotely modern might not like this design. Most importantly, it’s the unreliable fuel gauge that could cause a bit of trust issues between the Bullet 350 and the rider, for it has a tendency to show wrong readings. 

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350: Engine

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Bullet 350
Engine346cc air-cooled engine
Maximum Power19.1PS
Maximum Torque28Nm

Comparing the Bullet with the Meteor reveals a more relaxed riding experience for the Bullet. The newer model showcases improvements with crisper throttle response. Notably, it now cruises comfortably at 95-100kmph, up from the previous 80kmph. This enhances roll-on acceleration from 30 to 50kmph, resulting in confident overtakes.

While city differences are subtle, the impact on highways is significant. Some riders may seek a lighter clutch. Sport riders accustomed to clutch less shifts will notice smoother gear transitions by shifting conventionally.

What some riders will love though, is the bike’s neutral handling. While the Bullet 350 is a retro bike, the new J-series platform is built on a chassis that’s very sturdy, and hence flicking the bike around from corner to corner does inspire a lot of confidence. The chassis feels stiff and very planted even when riding in a spirited manner and the bike behaves in a neutral, almost indifferent manner when you start hustling it. That is something about the bike we absolutely love! 

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsRoyal Enfield Bullet 350
Front suspension41mm Telescopic Fork
Rear suspensionTwin Shocks
Front tyre100/90-19
Rear tyre120/80-18
Front brake300mm Disc
Rear brake270mm Disc/ 153mm Drum
ABSSingle Channel

The new Bullet 350 features larger 41mm forks while retaining 130mm travel. Rear shock absorbers offer 10mm longer travel, enhancing comfort, especially with a pillion or luggage. Ground clearance has been raised for tougher roads.

But what the spec sheets won’t tell you is the fantastic ride quality the 2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has. It’s almost sofa-like and to test it out, we took the Bullet 350 out through some of the toughest and ugliest speed breakers the city had to offer. And even after taking the Bullet through all of them, it was as unfazed as a tall adventure bike that has plenty of ground clearance. The bike dismissed bad roads with absolute ease and the rider and even the pillion were in absolute comfort. 

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350: Dimensions

DimensionsRoyal Enfield Bullet 350
Ground clearance170mm
Kerb weight195kg
Fuel tank capacity13-litres
Seat height805mm

The new Bullet's weight remains similar to its older counterpart. Weight-saving changes are balanced by sturdier suspension components.

2023 Royal Enfield Bullet 350: Price

PriceRoyal Enfield Bullet 350
Ex-showroom DelhiRs 1.8 lakh onwards

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 comes in two variants: Kick Start and Electric Start, each with appealing colour options. The Kick Start variants offer classic Black, elegant Bullet Silver, and sophisticated Onyx Black amongst the colours for you to choose from. 

Electric Start variants, meanwhile, have good choices too, like bold Jet Black, striking Regal Red, and distinguished Royal Blue.


The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 was doing great in sales because of its history, strong feel, powerful riding position, and appealing style. But the new-gen 2023 model did something clever – it kept these great things and also fixed important problems.

Now, there's no doubt that the new Bullet 350 mixes memories with being modern. If you want a motorcycle that's both classic and up-to-date, the Bullet 350 is definitely what you need.