Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Battle Of The Premium Electric Scooters

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Battle Of The Premium Electric Scooters

Reviews by Team Drivio | Jan 30, 2024

On paper, the Simple Dot One is a fair bit more powerful than the Ather 450 Apex

  • And interestingly, the extra performance also comes at a price and the Apex is a fair bit more expensive too
  • In terms of design, both the 450 Apex and the Simple Dot One look very similar to their siblings
  • With a 105kmph top speed, the Simple Dot One definitely sounds like the more exciting of the two

Ather recently launched the 450 Apex, a scooter that left a strong impression with its improved overall design and highly exciting performance. Setting new standards in the electric scooter segment, it demands attention from others in the category. Now that it's on the scene, the question arises: should it be your choice over the Simple Dot One, another recently-launched impressive electric scooter? Let's delve into that here.

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Design & Features

Diverging from the 450X, the Apex features transparent side panels that reveal the meticulously crafted hybrid aluminium frame. Adorned in a distinctive Edium blue colour with a satin finish, complemented by orange wheels, the Apex aims to make a visual impact on the road.

The Ather 450 Apex is equipped with a comprehensive all-LED lighting system. Notable features include a 7-inch touchscreen TFT instrument cluster seamlessly integrating with the Google Maps navigation suite. The scooter boasts the cutting-edge Warp+ Immersive UI for an enhanced user experience. Despite its singular colour option, the Apex offers practicality with a spacious 22-litre under-seat storage for added convenience.

While the TFT usage experience aligns with the 450X, the new switchgear stands out. Already seen on the 450S, it elevates the premium feel of the Apex, offering great tactility and feedback. A significant improvement from the older switchgear, it enhances the overall user experience.

Simple has embraced a minimalistic and futuristic approach in crafting the Dot One. Design echoes of the Ather 450X are unmistakable, particularly in the triangular headlight. However, it distinguishes itself with a flared body featuring numerous cuts and a sharp tail unit. The grab handle is substantial and robust.

The Simple Dot One boasts an all-LED lighting system and four riding modes: Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic, accompanied by a Reverse mode. Simple Energy has endowed the Simple One with an LED headlight, a 7-inch instrument console, and Bluetooth navigation. Furthermore, it facilitates phone calls, music playback, and document storage. The Simple One also supports OTA updates, geo-fencing, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and vehicle tracking, among other features. Connectivity options include a 4G LTE SIM and Bluetooth. With a 30-litre underseat storage capacity, the Simple One weighs 110kg.

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Motors

SpecificationsAther 450 ApexSimple Dot One
Motor3kW (peak)4.5kW
Top Speed100kmph105kmph

Maintaining the 3.7kWh battery capacity, the Apex elevates performance with a peak power increase from the 450X's 6.4kW to 7.0kW. The introduction of the Warp Plus mode allows the Apex to achieve a top speed of 100kmph. Software and algorithmic revisions to the Ather drive controller (ADC) contribute to a 30% improvement in 40-80kmph acceleration, a 2.9-second 0-40kmph acceleration time, and consistent acceleration up to 80kmph.

In Warp Plus mode, the Apex delivers a range of 75km, matching the standard Warp mode. The Magic Twist regenerative braking system claims to handle nearly 75% of braking duties in the city, offering enhanced efficiency and control.

The Simple Dot One features a motor with a peak power output of 8.5kW and a continuous power output of 4.5kW. It accelerates from 0-40kmph in 2.77 seconds and achieves a claimed top speed of 105kmph. The electric scooter is equipped with a 3.7kWh capacity battery, offering an IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) claimed range of 151km. Charging the electric scooter from 0-80% takes 3 hours and 47 minutes with the Home Charger, and with the fast charger, it achieves a rate of 1.5km/min. The electric scooter, motor, and battery come with a warranty of 3 years or 30,000km, while the charger carries a warranty of 1 year or 10,000km.

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsAther 450 ApexSimple Dot One
Front SuspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshockMonoshock
Front Tyre90/90-1290/90-12
Rear Tyre100/80-12100/80-12
Front brakeDisc brakeDisc brake
Rear brakeDisc brakeDisc brake

In real-world conditions, maintaining speeds of 40-50kmph, and disengaging the throttle triggers a progressive and swift deceleration of the scooter. The Magic Twist feature exhibits enhanced effectiveness, offering a smoother and more controlled deceleration process compared to conventional regen braking systems.

While the Magic Twist feature demonstrates notable advancements, relying solely on it may pose a degree of risk unless riders thoroughly familiarize themselves with its nuances. A cautious approach is recommended to ensure a safe integration into one's riding style.

The suspension setup on the Simple Dot One comprises a telescopic fork and a monoshock. Braking duties are handled by a 200mm front disc brake with a triple-piston caliper and a 190mm rear disc brake with a single-piston caliper. It features a seat height of 796mm, a wheelbase of 1,335mm, a kerb weight of 126kg, and a boot space capacity of 35 litres.

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Dimensions

The Apex demonstrates robust performance on the track, showcasing brisk acceleration and strong motor pull, particularly during corner exits. Replicating stop-and-go scenarios on a traffic-free road reinforces the scooter's agility at speeds under 70kmph. The Magic Twist regen system, initially challenging on the track, promises efficient braking in urban environments.

Practicality sees improvements with a reprofiled under-seat boot, offering a flatter floor and increased capacity from 17 to 21 litres. While unable to accommodate a full-face helmet, it comfortably houses a half-face helmet. The 5.5-litre front glove box retains the charging cable, and a convenient luggage hook remains.

Simple Dot One vs Ather 450 Apex: Price

ModelPrice (Ex-showroom)
Simple Dot OneRs 99,999
Ather 450 ApexRs 1.89 lakh

Ather has priced the 450 Apex at Rs 1.89 lakh, ex-showroom, excluding FAME 2 subsidy. The brand hasn’t applied for FAME 2, and given that the subsidy will soon cease to exist, it makes sense for the brand not to be dependent on it.

The Simple One currently carries an introductory price tag of Rs 99,999 (ex-showroom Bengaluru), applicable only to those who pre-booked the Simple One but are now seeking an affordable alternative. The final launch price of the electric scooter will be unveiled in January 2024. It is available in six colour options: Namma Red, Brazen Black, Azure Blue, Grace White, BrazenX, and LightX.

The price does sound very nice in itself but when you factor in the 450 Apex’s exorbitant price tag, it makes the Dot One rank even higher on the value for money quotient.   


Priced at Rs 1.89 lakh (ex-showroom), the 450 Apex commands a premium of around Rs 30,000 over the 450X Gen3 with Pro Pack (varies based on state subsidies). Ather scooters, known for their likeable features, prompt acceleration, and advanced technology, position the 450 Apex as an enticing limited-edition choice. However, considering the incremental benefits, the 450X Gen 3 with the Pro Pack remains a compelling alternative for those seeking a high-performance e-scooter without the premium price tag.

The Simple Dot One, on the other hand, is a bit harder to recommend. The major issue with the brand is its reliability. While it launched the Simple one quite some time ago, the scooters have hardly started making their way to actual customers. And those very reliability issues make it difficult for us to recommend this scooter to anyone. So if you had to pick one of these two performance-oriented electric scooters, our choice would definitely be the Ather 450 Apex.