Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Which affordable electric scooter to get?

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Which affordable electric scooter to get?

Reviews by Team Drivio | 1 Apr 2024

Despite being an affordable variant, the Ola S1X actually packs quite some kit

  • That said, in terms of outright range, the Vida V1 Plus shines with its 165km claimed range
  • But if top speed is what you are looking for, the Ola S1X Plus gets a higher one
  • At 90kmph, it is on par with most of the affordable electric scooters

In India, the surge in popularity of budget-friendly electric scooters owes to their attractive fusion of dependability and cost-effectiveness, alongside noteworthy savings on fuel expenditures. At present, the Vida V1 Plus and the Ather 450S stand out as leading competitors in this arena. Assessing which of these warrants your investment demands a meticulous evaluation.

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Designs

The Ola S1X Plus stands out among the S1 models with its stylish design, highlighted by a smaller headlight cover. Its apron and side panels closely resemble those of the standard S1. Notable visual differences include a telescopic fork and blacked-out steel wheels.

In terms of features, the Ola S1X Plus offers a wide range, including multiple riding modes, reverse mode, side stand alert, LCD instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity with navigation, and even cruise control.

However, it's important to mention that the exact features may vary depending on the chosen model. For a detailed breakdown of feature differences, refer to the Variants section for comprehensive information. This section provides a clear overview of the specific features available in the Ola S1X Plus lineup.

The Vida V1 boasts an attractive design that blends classic elements with futuristic aesthetics. It features a sleek grille and an LED headlight system reminiscent of a robot's face.

With a fully digital TFT touchscreen instrument console, the Vida V1 offers customizable riding modes such as Eco, Riding, and Sport. Its notable features include a two-way throttle, cruise control, turn-by-turn navigation, parking assist, emergency alarm, and keyless entry via a key fob. 

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Motors

Specifications  Vida V1 PlusOla S1X Plus
Motor6kW (Peak)2.7kW
Top Speed80kmph90kmph
Range165km/charge 151km 

The Ola S1X Plus electric scooter comes with a hub motor delivering a continuous power output of 2.7kW and a peak power of 6kW, with a top speed of 90kmph. It offers multiple riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports, suiting different preferences. Acceleration-wise, it can go from 0 to 60kmph in just 5.5 seconds.

Paired with a 3kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the scooter's charging time from 0 to 100 percent using the home charger typically takes around 7.4 hours. 

Although our experience with the V1 was limited to the smooth test tracks at Hero's expansive Centre for Innovation and Technology in Jaipur, the suspension system seems to provide a commendable level of compliance. Once on the road, this scooter is expected to offer a comfortable ride with its well-tuned suspension setup.

We can confirm its excellent handling capabilities. During our time on Hero's handling track, the scooter showed predictable and stable performance, without being excessively agile or maneuvering too quickly, as some scooters tend to do. With 12-inch wheels and MRF tyres, the V1 provides sufficient traction, especially in dry conditions.

The main stand, which starts to scrape at extreme lean angles, was the only limiting factor on the track. However, this is hardly a concern in real-world situations, ensuring a well-balanced scooter that provides an enjoyable riding experience.

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsVida V1Ola S1X Plus
Front SuspensionTelescopic ForkTelescopic Fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshockDual Shock Absorbers 
Front Tyre304.8mm110/70-12
Rear Tyre304.8mm110/70-12
Front brakeDiscDrum Brakes
Rear brakeDrumDrum Brakes

The Ola S1X Plus has obtained ARAI certification with an impressive range of 151km. Charging the scooter to full capacity typically takes around 7.4 hours using a home charger. Additionally, the S1X Plus model comes with a 500W portable charger, ensuring a flexible and efficient charging experience for Ola's electric scooters, meeting various user requirements.

In person, the Vida V1 appears as a substantial scooter, offering a comfortable seating position. The floorboard sits at a natural height, the seat is comfortable, and the handlebar positioning is optimal. Weighing 125kg, the Vida V1 Plus falls on the heavier side of the scooter market, similar to the Ola scooter. However, it doesn't feel cumbersome, and it includes a reverse function, a common feature among EV scooters. Furthermore, the braking performance is adequate for its performance level.

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Dimensions

DimensionsVida V1Ola S1X Plus
Seat height780mm792mm
Ground clearance155mm165mm
Kerb weight125kg108kg

The S1X Plus boasts a respectable weight of 108kg, marking a significant 13kg reduction compared to its larger sibling, the S1 Pro. This weight disparity becomes apparent from the moment you begin riding.

The scooter demonstrates improved agility, responding more swiftly to changes in direction, and navigating corners becomes noticeably easier. This enhancement is largely credited to the smaller size of the battery pack in the S1X Plus, eliminating the sense of bulkiness associated with the S1 Pro. Consequently, users enjoy a lighter and more agile riding experience, enhancing the overall quality of the ride.

Vida V1 Plus vs Ola S1X Plus: Prices

ModelVida V1 PlusPrice (Ex-showroom)
Price (Ex-showroom)Rs 1,15,000Rs 1.09 lakh

Ola has set the price of the S1X Plus at Rs 1.09 lakh, ex-showroom. While this may not be extremely affordable, it's also not as expensive as some of the larger Ola scooters. Therefore, while it is within reach for many people, it also carries a sense of aspiration.

The Hero Vida V1 comes in two variants: the Vida V1 Plus, priced at Rs 1,15,000, and the V1 Pro, priced at Rs 1,45,900 (ex-showroom, including FAME 2 subsidy). However, this puts the electric scooter at a higher price point than expected, especially considering Hero's reputation for competitive pricing. With the Ather 450S priced significantly below Rs 1 lakh, ex-showroom, the V1 Plus seems expensive, and the V1 Pro even more so.


Although the Ola S1X Plus offers an attractive price, it lacks refinement in certain areas typical of Ola products. The scooter's finishing could have been better, and the paint job seems hurriedly done. Despite its appealing appearance, close examination reveals noticeable irregularities in the side panel gaps, which may not be visually pleasing. There are concerns that these panels might start rattling and bouncing after a few months of use.

Furthermore, the S1X Plus still experiences some technical issues. If your budget allows for just over Rs 1 lakh, we suggest exploring alternative options.

While the Vida V1 offers many features, its pricing remains a concern. Priced at Rs 1.15 lakh ex-showroom for the Vida V1 Plus after the FAME 2 subsidy, the scooter sits at the top of the EV scooter market. Hero seems to have taken cues from the success of the Ather 450X and the Bajaj Chetak, which perform well despite being similarly priced.

However, the problem arises from Hero's historical reputation for providing cost-effective, value-for-money solutions, typically priced lower than the competition. The Vida V1 not only marks Hero's most expensive offering to date but also commands a price nearly double that of some of its petrol-powered counterparts, which could be challenging for the company.