Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Japanese Scooters Face-off

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Japanese Scooters Face-off

Reviews by Team Drivio | Mar 16, 2023

What the Yamaha Fascino tries to offer is a punchy-yet-fuel-efficient Japanese scooter, something the Honda Activa 6G is already famous for. 

  • The Activa 6G makes 7.79PS and 8.79Nm from its 109.51cc engine.
  • In its top-of-the-line trim, it finally gets alloy wheels and a bit more tech in the form of keyless entry.
  • The Fascino’s 125cc mill makes 8.2PS and 10.3Nm.

The Honda Activa is much more than a scooter. It's a state of mind. Allow me to explain. See, it not only changed the way the Indian family viewed scooters over the last two decades, but it also allowed all members of the family to commute with ease.

The design was as gender-neutral as a pair of Crocs, powerful enough to impress dad, practical enough for mom to use on a daily basis, and cool enough for kids to ride to college.

The Honda Activa 6G marks the end of two decades of the Activa moniker in India. We finally got to ride it, and here's how it compares to the Yamaha Fascino.

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Design & Features

FeaturesYamaha FascinoHonda Activa 6G
LED headlampYes 
Fully-digital consoleYesNo
LED indicatorsNoNo
Riding modesNoNo
Alloy wheelsNoYes
Split seatsNoNo
Bluetooth connectivityYesNo

No points for guessing which scooter won this round. The Yamaha Fascino 125 now has a Smart Motor Generator System, which is essentially a silent starter. It also has a Stop & Start system, which turns off the engine when it is idling in traffic for an extended period of time. In addition, Yamaha has introduced an LED headlight, LED tail light, and a full digital instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity. All of this is along with a side stand cut-off switch, a 21-litre underseat storage compartment, and an optional USB charger.

The Activa 6G, on the other hand, boasts of nothing quite like it and you can’t help but find it slightly dated. 

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Engine

SpecificationsYamaha FascinoHonda Activa 6G
Maximum power8.2PS7.84PS
Maximum Torque10.3Nm8.9Nm

The Fascino 125 making more power and torque than the Activa 6G is a bit of a no-brainer. With a larger engine and one that has hybrid tech, the Fascino is definitely the peppier engine of the two, making daily commutes an absolute joy. 

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Suspension, Tyres & Brakes

SpecificationsYamaha FascinoHonda Activa 6G
Front suspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear suspensionDual shocksDual shocks
Front tyre90/90-1290/90-12
Rear tyres110/90-1090/100-10
Front brake190mm disc/ 130mm drumDrum
Rear brakeDrumDrum
ABSCombined Braking System (CBS)Combined Braking System (CBS)

The Yamaha Fascino pulls ahead of the Activa 6G here as well, with a lot more modern-day features like an optional front disc brake and a fatter rear tyre. The braking distances for the Yamaha scooter too, have been better than its Honda rival and it’s the clear winner between the two when it comes to underpinnings. 

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Dimensions

DimensionsYamaha FascinoHonda Activa 6G
Ground clearance145mm162mm
Kerb weight99kg105-106kg
Fuel tank capacity5.2-litres5.3-litres
Seat height780mm765mm

Despite having a substantially longer wheelbase, the Yamaha Fascino is undoubtedly the better commuter owing to its extremely low 99kg weight, making it the lightest 125cc scooter on sale in India. It feels extremely flickable and manageable for riders of all heights and genders because of that and that’s despite its relatively higher seat height. 

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Mileage

ModelYamaha Fascino Honda Activa 6G

Surprise surprise! The Yamaha Fascino, despite having a larger engine and subsequently more power, outshines the Activa by a substantial margin, which is mainly down to its hybrid engine. 

Yamaha Fascino vs Honda Activa 6G: Price

Scooter ModelPrice (Ex-showroom Delhi)
Fascino 125

Drum- Rs 78,600 onwards

Disc- Rs 88,230 onwards

Honda Activa 6G

STD- Rs 74,536

DLX- Rs 77,036

H-Smart- Rs 80,537

Premium Edition- Rs 76,859

Where the Activa 6G somewhat makes up for lost ground is with its relatively affordable price tag. With its base trim starting from Rs 74,536, it’s a bit cheaper than the Yamaha's base trim. The disc variant of the Fascino, meanwhile, will have you shell out an even bigger premium.


All the extra premium kit that the Yamaha Fascino 125 offers comes at a price. So if extreme affordability is something you’re looking for, the Honda Activa 6G is quite the scooter to go for. 

But if you’re willing to shell out that extra bit of money, the Yamaha Fascino 125 is worth every penny, with a lot more features, hardware, fuel efficiency and just an overall better experience to offer.