2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Face-to-face Comparison

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Face-to-face Comparison

Reviews by Team Drivio | 18 Apr 2024

The Pleasure Plus’ 110cc engine makes 8.11PS and 8.7Nm

  • As for suspension, both scooters get a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers
  • Where the Activa loses ground is with its lack of features 
  • In fact, as reliable as it is, the Activa 6G does sound quite dated in terms of features

For quite some time, the Honda Activa 6G has reigned supreme as India's top-selling scooter, and rightfully so. Renowned for its smooth performance and exceptional reliability, it has maintained its position for years. However, with the debut of the 2024 Hero Pleasure Plus, the question arises: should one now contemplate choosing the Pleasure over the Activa? 

Let's delve into that precise inquiry:

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Designs 

The Hero Pleasure Plus boasts a vibrant and youthful design targeted towards the younger demographic, particularly college-goers. Its curvaceous bodywork and distinctive tall headlamp, resembling a swan's neck from certain angles, lend it a unique aesthetic. Weighing a mere 104kg, it maintains a narrow-bodied profile suitable for both genders. 

Standard features such as the integrated braking system, side stand warning, USB charging socket, and conveniently located storage compartments enhance its practicality. Notably, the Xtec edition introduces a Bluetooth-enabled instrument console, allowing smartphone connectivity via the Hero MyRide app. However, unlike the Hero XPulse 200, it lacks turn-by-turn navigation functionality.

Drawing inspiration from its predecessors, the Honda Activa 6G boasts a familiar yet refined design, with subtle cues borrowed from the Activa 125 evident in its tail section. Minor upgrades in its latest iteration enhance its overall appeal. However, the inclusion of steel wheels, while functional, may feel basic to some, except for the H-Smart variant which offers alloy wheels for added sophistication.

Equipped with several practical features, the Activa 6G caters to modern riders' needs. The ACG starter ensures a silent start, while amenities like the engine kill switch, integrated pass switch, and optional LED headlight enhance convenience. The external fuel cap, inspired by the Activa 125, simplifies refueling. 

The H-Smart variant elevates the experience with remote scooter unlocking functionality. Additionally, the instrument cluster varies between a full analogue console for the standard model and a semi-digital cluster for the Smart variant.

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Engines

Specifications  Hero Pleasure PlusHonda Activa 6G
Maximum Power8.15PS7.84PS
Maximum Torque8.70Nm8.9Nm

Despite its lightweight construction, the Pleasure Plus offers impressive agility on the road. Its nimble handling, combined with a smooth and refined engine, ensures effortless acceleration and manoeuvrability in city traffic. The power delivery feels particularly responsive within the 40 to 60 kilometres per hour. 

Powering the Honda Activa 6G is a fuel-injected 109.51cc engine delivering a commendable output of 7.79PS and 8.90Nm of torque. Real-world mileage figures stand at 59.9kmpl in urban conditions and 55.93kmpl on the highway, courtesy of its 5.3-litre fuel tank. Despite the slight decrease in performance, the Activa 6G exudes remarkable refinement across all speeds, surpassing its predecessor, the 5G. Many riders will appreciate the astonishingly quiet operation of the new engine, with moments where it feels almost imperceptible. Moreover, Honda claims a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency with the 6G, enhancing its appeal in terms of cost-effectiveness.

In terms of ergonomics, the Activa 6G accommodates individuals of most sizes comfortably. However, taller riders may find themselves somewhat constrained, as the handlebar is positioned close to the rider, necessitating a slight adjustment in seating position to avoid knee contact at full lock. Despite this, foot placement remains comfortable, with ample room on the footboard ensuring a pleasant riding experience.

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Suspension

Specifications  Hero Pleasure PlusHonda Activa 6G
Front SuspensionTelescopic forkTelescopic fork
Rear SuspensionTwin shocksDual shocks
Front Tyre90/100-10 90/90-12
Rear Tyre90/100-1090/100-10
Front Brake130mm drum brakeDrum
Rear Brake130mm drum brakeDrum
ABSNoCombined Braking System (CBS)

Equipped with 10-inch wheels on both ends, the Pleasure Plus strikes a balance between agility and stability. Despite its lightweight, it maintains reassuring stability, even during quick manoeuvres. The integrated braking system prevents wheel lock-up, enhancing safety, while the scooter's low weight and nimble handling make it adept at navigating through traffic.

The Activa 6G features a telescopic fork up front and a single rear shock absorber, ensuring a comfortable ride over varying road surfaces. Despite its advanced features, the scooter maintains drum brakes, with no provision for a front disc even in the top-of-the-line variant. It rides on 12-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels wrapped in 90-section tubeless tyres. With a kerb weight of 106kg for the Std and DLX variants and 105kg for the Smart variant, the Activa 6G strikes a balance between agility and stability.

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Dimensions

DimensionsHero Pleasure PlusHonda Activa 6G
Ground Clearance155mm162mm
Kerb Weight104kg (LX,VX) | 106kg (ZX) 105-106kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.8-litres5.3-litres

Compact and agile, the Pleasure Plus excels in urban environments. Its sprightly engine and lightweight construction make it a joy to ride, particularly in city traffic. Responsive handling and confidence-inspiring stability ensure a pleasurable riding experience, even when tackling corners. And what we absolutely loved about the Pleasure Plus was just how light it feels. The 106kg kerb weight almost feels like it weighs under 100kg and you can just zip through traffic absolutely effortlessly. 

A series of enhancements, including an increased wheelbase, front telescopic fork, and 12-inch front wheel, have significantly transformed the Honda Activa 6G. Honda highlights that the 6G shares a nearly identical frame with the Activa 125, albeit strengthened to accommodate additional weight and power.

The scooter now exhibits improved stability and confidence, particularly at higher speeds, with smoother lane changes. While it retains a slight flighty feel beyond 60kph, the enhanced handling doesn't compromise ride quality, with the scooter adeptly absorbing potholes and undulations.

Similar to Honda's Activa 125 and SP 125, the Activa 6G features an all-new engine design. With altered bore and stroke dimensions, along with the transition to fuel injection from a carburettor, the engine conforms to BS6 standards. Consequently, both power and torque have witnessed marginal reductions—0.17hp and 0.21Nm, respectively. Despite these adjustments, the Activa 6G isn't known for its brisk acceleration, struggling to surpass 75kph. During testing, it was outpaced by an Activa 5G, highlighting its leisurely performance.

2024 Hero Pleasure Plus vs Honda Activa: Price

ScooterPrices (all prices ex-showroom Delhi)
2024 Hero Pleasure PlusRs 70,838 onwards
Honda Activa 6GRs 74,536 onwards 

With prices starting from just over Rs 70,000, the Hero Pleasure Plus offers excellent value for money across its four variants: LX, VX, Xtec, and Xtec Jubilant Yellow. The Xtec trims stand out with features such as an LED projector headlamp, smartphone connectivity, and a vibrant yellow shade, catering to modern tech-savvy consumers.

Honda, on the other hand, has priced the Activa 6G well too. Its prices now being from Rs 74,536 only (ex-showroom Delhi). 


Offering a compelling blend of style, performance, and affordability, the Pleasure Plus appeals to a wide range of riders. The Pleasure Plus Xtec variant, in particular, presents a strong case with its enhanced features. For those seeking a bold and eye-catching aesthetic, the Jubilant Yellow colour option is worth considering, with the slight premium justified by its striking appeal.

The Activa 6G undoubtedly surpasses its predecessor in various aspects. Not only does it boast improved environmental credentials, but it also comes equipped with enhanced features, making it a more compelling offering overall. 

The Activa 6G justifies its premium and its pricing places it marginally above its direct competitor, the TVS Jupiter. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that Honda's penchant for premium pricing persists, especially when compared to similarly priced 125cc scooters from Hero, TVS, and Suzuki, which offer superior performance in base trim configurations.